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About Us

Action Rubber Stamps began life from the inside of a tin garage back in 1958 as Wiffrie & Company.

At that time, Nico Wiffrie, engineer and all-round machine whisperer, was producing rubber stereos for flexographic printing, as most paper bags and wrappings were printed this way. Things were busy and the company moved to a shop in Box Hill. By this time, Nico’s son Fred had joined the business and when Fred’s wife Shirley began selling Tupperware she lamented at having to write the same details on her order forms over and over.  Fred, being quite the problem solver, decided to make Shirley a rubber stamp from some spare lead type he had at work. Soon, Shirley’s stamp became the envy of all the other Tupperware ladies and Wiffrie & Company began selling Rubber Stamps.

Fred’s son Dennis, computer nerd extraordinaire, brought new technology to the business and a move to a larger factory in Ringwood, where another offspring, Trudy, joined the team. Wiffrie’s then enjoyed a brief stint in the short lived world of Pre-Press before the printing process changed and once again, Rubber Stamps became the mainstay, when all else was becoming obsolete.

No longer needing such a large space to do what we do, Wiffrie’s relocated to Fred and Shirl’s garage in Croydon Hills. We did refit the space into an office first, putting a rather large window where the roller door used to be and now, we are Action Rubber Stamps.